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5 Interesting Facts about Monk Fruit - Nature’s Best Sweetener

5 Interesting Facts about Monk Fruit - Nature’s Best Sweetener


Throughout our lives, we might have not come across this beautiful small green melon-looking wonder – The Monk Fruit. It is one of nature’s sweetest and best-kept secrets. But currently, it is attracting a lot of interest from diabetics, sugar-free fanatics, and health-conscious foodies. The fruit is well known for giving almost 250 times the sweetness of sucrose without any unhealthy drama of sugar.

Here are some fun facts about monk fruit to tickle your sweet taste buds:

1. The legendary fruit is named after the monks

Monk Fruit gets its name from the Buddhist Monks who first used it. They were also the ones who first cultivated it and gave it its name – the Buddhist masters called it the “Luo Han Guo” which is literally“Monk Fruit” in Chinese.

2. Monk fruit’s sweetness is free of fructose or glucose

Extracting the sweetener from the fruit is a fascinating process. Before crushing the fruit to separate the juice from the pulp, the seeds and peel are taken off. The juice is then treated to manufacture the fruit extract called mogrosides which are the antioxidants that give it its intense sweetness.

While we all love the sweetness of fructose and glucose, the harms that come with them cause you more pain than joy. Switching to a plant-based sweetener lets you enjoy your sweet tooth without any trouble.

3. It may alleviate the effects of Cancer

Studies have shown the suppressive efficacy of ​​mogrosides (the antioxidants extracted from the monk fruit) against colorectal and throat cancers. This implies the possibility of using mogrosides as a physiologically active phytochemical supplement for treating throat and colorectal cancer.

Monk fruit extracts' capacity to inhibit the growth of cancer cells is another possible advantage that is still under investigation. That said, researchers are still attempting to determine exactly how this is occurring.

4. Keto and Diabetic friendly

The toughest job while following a keto lifestyle is cutting down on sugar completely, which is zero desserts! And, the same holds true for people living with diabetes. Monk fruit is a natural sweetener, free of sugar, calories, and with a low glycemic index. This is entirely due to the mogrosides and thus, becomes a new sugar alternative for diabetics. Since Mogrosides aren’t absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract, it doesn't supply the body with any calories. Thus, Monk fruit sweeteners are the go-to choice for people looking for a zero-calorie sugar substitute.

5. Keeps cavities at bay

Papa keeps Johnny away from sugar for a thoughtful reason. Cavities! One of the most troublesome side effects of sugar is getting cavities. But, the best part about monk fruit is it’s free of sugar and doesn’t make you a victim of the several dentist appointments that come with it. This also means it becomes a safe alternative for children as well!

Lakanto is made from the purest extracts of monk fruit and helps you enjoy all your favourite desserts and beverages with no compromise on taste or your health. Only guilt-free indulgence, no bitter aftertaste!