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Game of “Gains” - Staying fit during the festive season

Game of “Gains” - Staying fit during the festive season


‘Tis the season of parties and soirees. Starting from the card parties in October to the extreme sport of sugar-licious indulgence during Diwali and ending with the ultimate holiday season in December. The time when all your fitness plans leave the notes section of your phones only to be replaced by recipes and shopping lists. But, is it fair to leave all your fitness gains behind and get the sad gains you hate?

Let’s talk about how you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest while staying fit and oh-so fine!

1. Slow down the workout pace, but don’t skip

We know, we know! It’s the most obvious thing to hold on to your fitness plans. But, the festive season is the time when there is the most number of gym dropouts as people choose indulgence over working out. What we are asking is to break your workout into small phases and packages. Fix a time that works for you and work out for 15-20 minutes, even if it’s at home. So that when you come back to your routine, you ‘pounce’ back and not ‘bounce’ off.

2. Home-made over shop-made

In processed food, we do not trust. And, it’s gonna be all around you (in abundance). But with a little bit of conscious effort, you can limit your intake of shop-made snacks and sweets. When you host a party, host a potluck so that you know it’s made out of good ingredients and love. And, if you order food from outside, look for options that are made fresh without unnecessary refined carbs and sugars. A complete cutdown is impossible but little things do go a long way.

3. Catch your sleep and keep the ‘josh’ alive

With parties lasting all night, we do go a little overboard with not sleeping for nights in a row. And how can one not? Some nights you’re winning with the best hand and on others, someone takes the karaoke mic out. It’s all fun and games, but it takes a toll on your physical health. Good sleep ensures that your metabolism stays up and you maintain the right gains. If you can’t find the time to get your daily dose of sleep, divide it into smaller power naps. Also, no one likes a cranky fella at parties.

4. Don’t forget about your bestie - Water!

While you might be serving thirsty festive lewks this season, it’s more than essential to quench your own thirst first. With all the sugar and a certain high amount of intoxicated stuff you’ll consume, water is something that will balance all of it. Stay hydrated, besties!

5. Find an alternative to Sugar

Food during the festive season is a little hard to avoid. Especially, delicious sweets! From laddoos to barfis to brownies to cupcakes. There’s gonna be sugar in everything you indulge in. We’re not asking you to skip all of it (maybe control the amount) but, wherever you can, use a natural sweetener to make your lip-smacking desserts! You can also find some guilt-free yet indulgent dessert recipes here.

So, how are you managing your gains this season?