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Live Free, Live Healthy

Live Free, Live Healthy with Lakanto


This year, India celebrates its 76th Independence Day. At Lakanto, we’ve always believed in freedom. Especially the freedom to make healthier choices that make us happier in the long run.

However, the freedom to make our own choices is a double edge sword. One of the main ways that we make bad choices is in what we choose to put in our body. Surrounded by a million sweets and dessert options in every corner, with a hundred festivals to celebrate with their own sweets to enjoy, it can be pretty hard to make the right choices. After all, as the most popular food additive in processed foods, sugar is hard to avoid.

But there’s good news. Just like poor choices have the ability to harm our health, good choices have the power to heal our body. Eating right can help you achieve balance in all aspects of your life, from the physical, to the mental and even the spiritual. Making good choices can revitalize your energy and sustain it throughout the day.

That’s where Lakanto has your back, to give you the option of choosing freedom. Freedom from sugar. It’s freedom from sugar. Freedom from all the unhealthiness that accompanies your love for sweets. Freedom to live your life in the best way possible, as the best you that you can be.

Sometimes, that choice is as simple as quitting sugar and replacing it with Lakanto, the world’s best zero calorie natural sweetener. But what happens when you switch to a healthier life without sugar?

You’ll become more mentally sharp

Leaving sugar behind is shown to improve mental productivity and improve cognition. Studies have shown that a high-fructose diet causes hippocampal insulin resistance while also worsening memory deficits. Other studies demonstrated a link between sugar and changes in the brain — changes associated with additional cognitive problems. Without sugar, your mind finds it easier to stay sharp and on top of things.

Your risk of diabetes decreases

Eating too much sugar exacerbates the risk of type 2 diabetes. So, when you make a healthier choice with Lakanto, you are exercising control over your risk of diabetes, even preventing it out right sometimes.

You’ll feel happier

While eating your favourite desserts may make you feel good in the short term, your mental health takes a beating over the long haul. It has been demonstrated that eating too much sugar is linked to depression and decreased brain function. With Lakanto, you can feel joy now, and later too!

Your skin will glow

A high-sucrose diet has been linked to skin conditions like acne, pimples, rashes, and blemishes. If that isn’t a visible sign of sugar’s ill effects, we don’t know what is.

You’ll sleep better

Sugar affects your somatic cycle negatively — especially if you’re snacking on junk food around bedtime. Eating too much sugar at this time can even cause night sweats. Without sugar, your hormones work better, including those that give you healthy, restorative sleep.

And these effects are just the tip of the iceberg. When you have the freedom to choose a healthier, happier lifestyle, your teeth get healthier. Your breath gets better. You age slower. You develop better immunity and get sick less often. When you free yourself from an unfit lifestyle, you’re freeing yourself from all the chains that sugar puts on your body. This Independence Day, Lakanto wishes every Indian the freedom to make better choices for themselves, and puts that power in their hands.