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Monkfruit for Diabetics Sweeten

How Monkfruit is Helping Diabetics Sweeten Their Lives


It seems pretty hard to let go of sugar, even when you are well aware of the fact that it's bad for you. You still want to devour your favorite foods and indulge in more desserts to satisfy the ever-increasing craving for sweets. But for people with diabetes, consuming too much sugar can be problematic. For starters, sugar is full of calories, causing various health problems, and it sneaks up on you in unexpected ways. Sugar-heavy foods are calorically dense without providing necessary nutrients. Not to mention, they have an impact on your glycemic index as well...

Can diabetes be managed with a healthy diet, or at least, can you reduce your dependence on insulin by changing the way you eat? We say it’s possible. By getting rid of processed sugars and replacing them with healthier options, you can maintain optimum health. But getting rid of sugar doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your favorite sweets. Picture this – each day, when you crave something sweet, you choose from a selection of healthy, fresh, nourishing foods that make you feel great. Now stop picturing, because we have just the right product for you - Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener.

What Is Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener And How Is It Made?

Over a thousand years ago in the remote highlands of the Orient, a sacred fruit was discovered that was prized for its sweetness. A small round fruit in the gourd family also known as Luo Han Guo, named after the Luo Han monks who discovered it, it was thought to be the secret to longevity and earned the name ‘The Immortals’ Fruit.” Monk fruit extract in its purest form is used to make Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener. Each fruit is pollinated, grown, and harvested by hand, without pesticides, using the same traditional techniques that have been used for centuries, and a little bit of proprietary magic.

Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener: What Makes It The Best Sugar Substitute For Diabetics

Unlike sugar, Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener has a very low glycemic index. It means that it won't be causing a rapid spike in blood sugar, making it the perfect choice for people with diabetes.

Here are some more truly sweet benefits of Lakanto Monk fruit sweetener which will make this sugar substitute even more appealing to you:

  • Contains zero calories and zero net carbs, perfect for your sweet cravings
  • Made from modern-day superfruit for your keto-friendly diet
  • Leaves no bitter aftertaste
  • 100% naturally sourced