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Host the best Diwali parties with these sugar-free Mocktail recipes

Host the best Diwali parties with these sugar-free Mocktail recipes

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What’s the best part about Diwali? The festivities? Sure. Reason to show your traditional glam? Maybe. The yumm-azing food? Well, yeah.

All of these things might be fun, but we all look forward to all the grand Diwali parties! Where you put your best card game forward and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Every year, these parties change themes and hosts are always trying to throw a better party than their last. But, the secret to a great Diwali party is the never-ending card game and bottomless drinks. Let’s sort your drinks game with these delectable yet sugar-free mocktail recipes.

1. Pomegranate Lime Iced Tea

Iced tea powders are the talk of the past. Making iced teas from scratch is a sure-shot way to sort your mocktail menu and quench everyone’s thirst with a personal touch.

Steps to follow-

  • Lightly brew 4 tea bags in 4 cups of water
  • Mix this concoction with pomegranate juice, lime juice, Lakanto Sweetener, and a good amount of mint leaves
  • Serve it in a pitcher full of ice and watch it get over in minutes

2. Strawberry Orange Ginger Fizz

This might sound like a weird trio, but imagine a mocktail full of citrusy flavours with the right balance of ginger spice.

Steps to follow-

  • To start, make a syrup using fresh strawberries, ginger, orange peels, Lakanto Sweetener, freshly squeezed orange juice, water, and a pinch of salt
  • Then, bring out your highball glasses topped with ice and pour this syrup with your choice of soda or ginger ale.

And voila, the party of the year right there!

3. Watermelon Mint Mojito

One of the best mocktails of the new -age! A fun partnership between watermelon and the classic mojito that has been the talk of the cafes for a while.

Steps to follow-

  • Start off with making simple syrup using equal parts Lakanto Sweetener and water
  • Then blend de-seeded watermelon with this syrup, lemon juice, and mint leaves
  • Pour in a soda of your choice and serve it chilled.

Ma-ma Mojitooo!

4. Iced Coffee Lemonade

When iced tea is making a feature, why should coffee fans stay behind? But, coffee in a mocktail menu? Sounds a little too extra, but trust us, all your guests will fall in love with this caffeine experiment.

Steps to follow-

  • Mix cold brewed coffee with Lakanto Sweetener and a good amount of lemon juice
  • Shake this well with loads of ice and serve.
  • You can also get creative and add a little bit of tonic water to shake things up!

5. Pineapple Basil Coconut Splash

A little bit of Hawaiian never hurt no one! Give your guests a taste of tropical summer with a healthy basil twist.

Steps to follow-

  • Start by making a basil simple syrup using fresh basil leaves, Lakanto Sweetener, and equal parts water
  • Now, take a shaker and add fresh pineapple juice, basil simple syrup, coconut water, and ice cubes
  • Shake it well and serve with fresh basil leaves

We’re not saying you have to compete to host the best Diwali party in your group, but seeing these mocktail names on the menu, your guests will fall in love. Happy drinking, besties!