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Celebrate a guilt-free Diwali with these 5 zero sugar recipes

Celebrate a guilt-free Diwali with these 5 zero sugar recipes

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It’s that time of the year. It’s the season of spreading cheer and letting your diet plans go out of the window. Be it card parties or celebrating the festivities with your loved ones, ‘gains’ and unwanted ‘calories’ is what you get in return. And we agree, stopping yourself from indulging in all the Diwali food is evil.

This year, however, we are here to make things indulgent with these special Diwali recipes and no worry about consuming those extra sugar calories. Because at Lakanto, we take guilt-free pleasure seriously.

1. Kaju Katli

It would be a sin if we didn’t feature the king of Diwali dishes.

Steps to follow-

  • Take 2 cups of cashew nuts and 1 cup of Lakanto Sweetener
  • Dry roast cashews and grind them to get a coarse powder
  • Heat water and Lakanto in another pan till you see the bubbles
  • Now, stir in the cashew powder and cook to a thick paste
  • Finally, transfer the mixture to a flat tray and cool it down
  • Cut in your favourite shapes and enjoy!

2. Gluten-free Zero Sugar Brownies

No celebration is complete without some delicious brownies. So why should our gluten-intolerant friends miss out on this fun Diwali snack?

Steps to follow-

  • In a bowl, beat Lakanto Sweetener and vegetable oil
  • To this, mix in melted chocolate and beat in the eggs
  • Fold in the oat flour, ground almonds, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt, and mix until there are no flour pockets
  • Next, add unsweetened chocolate chips to the batter and transfer the mixture to a tray
  • Bake in a 180° pre-heated oven for 30 minutes and enter nirvana!

3. Sugar-free Chocolate Popsicles

It’s time to bring out the child in you and get a little fudga-licious with these popsicles.

Steps to follow-

  • In a pan, add heavy cream, unsweetened almond milk, Lakanto Sweetener, unsweetened cocoa powder, and chocolate chips, and cooking oil
  • Boil this mixture till the chocolate chips are melted
  • Cool it down and freeze it overnight in popsicle molds.

Sinful, isn’t it?

4. Ragi And Coconut Ladoos

Speaking about special Diwali recipes, Ladoos are every North Indian home’s, favourite sweet. But for the diet conscious, they might seem like a calorie attack. Enter Ragi, the saviour.

Steps to follow-

  • Roast Ragi flour in ghee, cool it down and mix it with grated coconut
  • Now add Lakanto Sweetener to the mixture and turn them into small round dumplings
  • Coat it with sesame seeds and serve

5. No-fuss Chocolate Truffle Balls

Diwali homes are buzzing with guests and relatives all the time. And, dry fruits or soan papdi are longer special Diwali snacks. Level up your hosting game with these easy sugar-free chocolate truffles.

Steps to follow-

  • Take an unsweetened dark chocolate bar, chop it finely, and mix in Lakanto Sweetener
  • Pour warm cream over it and wait for the chocolate to melt
  • Stir it to form a nice ganache and refrigerate for 2 hours
  • Roll this mixture into balls and coat it with sprinkles, cocoa powder, or crushed nuts. Loving host 1, boring treats 0

So if you wanna stop thinking about calories and celebrate a sweet and sugar-free Diwali, you know what to do!