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No-sugar-added apple pie overnight oats


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Overnight oats are a quick and easy breakfast made by soaking rolled oats in liquid overnight. Their popularity is still going strong for a few reasons: they're simple to prepare and perfect for make-ahead breakfasts and busy mornings. Also, overnight oats keep the integrity of the oat intact, helping to avoid that gummy texture that cooked versions of oatmeal sometimes take on. The soaking of the oats helps break down the starches making them easier to digest.

Blueberry, Vanilla & Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats:

One of the best combinations for flavor is vanilla, blueberries and lemons so we created this creamy, delicious recipe for overnight oats featuring our Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener and  Vanilla Extract. Cheesecake for breakfast? Yes, please. 

As an added bonus, Blueberries are a superfood!

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats

Ingredients for Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats:

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond or oat milk (we used almond milk)
  • 1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • ¼ cup plain or vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt (we used plain Fage brand)
  • 1 tbsp Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener
  • 2-4 drops Vanilla Extract 
  • 2 tbsp fresh blueberries
  • zest from one lemon 

Instructions for Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight  Oats:

  1. Rinse blueberries.
  2. Divide the blueberries and place 1 T each in the bottom of two containers. Set the remaining 1 T of blueberries aside.
  3. Divide evenly between the two containers: rolled oats, almond milk, Lakanto  Monkfruit Sweetener, lemon juice, Vanilla Extract and Greek yogurt. Stir until mixed well.
  4. Top the oat mixture with the remaining blueberries and with fresh lemon zest.
  5. Cover the jars and refrigerate overnight. Serve cold, or at room temperature, or warm in the microwave. Will keep well up to 5 days in refrigerator. 

 Nutritional Facts (Estimate) (per serving) makes 2, 4.5 oz servings

  • Calories: 194kcal
  • Fat: 3g
  • Protein: 12g
  • Sodium: 123mg
  • Total Carbs: 28g
  • Dietary Fiber: 5g
  • Sugar Alcohols: 3g
  • Net Carbs: 20g